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Veneers in Huntington Station

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Dental veneers in Huntington Station

Veneers in Huntington Station
Veneers in Huntington Station

It’s simpler than you might realize to enhance the look of your smile here at Dental Arts of Wyandanch and Huntington Station. Dental veneers address a host of aesthetic imperfects to give you an improved appearance and greater confidence in your smile than ever before.

Our veneers in Huntington Station are thin shells of porcelain that are an ideal color match for your teeth. And when placed over the fronts of those teeth that are a problem for you, they obscure whatever is wrong with cosmetics of the tooth. That might be a chip or crack, discoloration, a misshapen or crooked tooth, one that is poorly-sized, or wide spaces between one or more teeth. You might even want to consider our veneers in Huntington Station as a long term alternative to teeth whitening treatments. This is especially true is you have restorations that could complicate getting the most effective possible results from whitening. Porcelain, in addition to being tooth-colored, is also resistant to stains. So if you are a smoker, or you use smokeless tobacco; drink coffee, tea, red wine, or cola; or you eat berries, curry or any of the other items that are known to rob enamel of its whiteness, you be pleased to know that your veneers will hold their color for a more considerable time period than other materials would. In only three visits, from consultation to completion, you will have a brand new smile. Placing veneers requires that a minimal amount of natural material is filed from the fronts of the teeth getting them. The reason for this is so all of your teeth are of the same depth, with no protrusions.

All you need do is simply contact our office so that we can schedule you to come in and begin the easy process of getting our veneers in Huntington Station.

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