Huntington Station root canal

Huntington Station Root Canal

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When wisdom teeth first grow in, they can cause pain and swelling, especially if they have been impacted – meaning they’re still under the gum. At Dental Arts of Wyandanch and Huntington Station we treat those who need a Huntington Station root canal. We specialize in tooth pain and in making sure that your teeth are healthy. If you need an extraction, call us right away so we can schedule the appointment for you immediately before the pain gets worse. A dental emergency is nothing to wait around for as it can take a turn for the worse over time.

Our oral surgeon is specializes in a variety of different dental surgery procedures. Besides extractions we also perform endodontic therapy, or root canal procedures. For your convenience, you can now pre-register online with our office on our website using our secure online registration form. That way, when you first come in to visit, we’ll have the form ready and completed and waiting to be signed. Our hours are also convenient. We have two offices, one in Huntington Station and one in Wyandanch. Our office in Wyandanch is open 6 days a week and on Saturdays. Our Huntington Station office is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Sometimes a Huntington Station root canal may be needed when you have a dental emergency. If you are in pain and have a throbbing tooth, don’t hesitate to call us. If you have questions, or for general appointments, check our website online to make your first appointment. We also handle restorative dentistry, implants, crowns and bridges, nightguards and more. Our offices are also stocked with the latest in dental technology! We treat each patient individually and take the time needed so that we can offer them an individualized treatment plan, one that works just for them.

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