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Cosmetic Smile Makeovers in 11746

11746 Cosmetic Dentist
11746 Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic smile makeovers are the best way for patients to once again have a full, bright and white smile. At Dental Arts of Wyandanch and Huntington Station our 11746 cosmetic dentist performs smile makeovers for patients who want a nicer smile or who may need dental procedures. Some dental procedures can be done all together in one procedure, to cut down on visits and to speed up the process of enhancing their smile.

Our 11746 cosmetic dentist can provide patients with crowns, veneers or bridges. Crowns can be used over implants or over a root canal site. Sometimes tooth decay can reach so far into the depths of the tooth that portions of the tooth need to be removed. In this case, crowns are used to restore the tooth after a root canal procedure. They can also be used to connect bridgework, cover implant sites or fix cracked teeth. Crowns are made from porcelain or composite materials that match natural teeth

Before your crowns are placed, our 11746 cosmetic dentist will go over and discuss all treatment options with you as well as check to see if you are a candidate for implants. We’ll take the time to talk to you about your dental treatment goals, discuss implants with you, and also talk to any patients who are looking for a total smile makeover. We also specialize in veneers, an ideal way to fix yellowed, broken or chipped teeth. Veneers are a thin porcelain shell that is adhered over the fronts of teeth. They match teeth almost perfectly and are very hard to tell apart from natural teeth. Veneers can fix broken, chipped or cracked teeth and can be done in just a few short visits to our offices. For more information, call Dental Arts today.

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