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Dentist in 11746

Periodontal treatment in 11746

Dentist in 11746

Dentist in 11746

Your gums are a key part of your oral health, but most people don’t give them much thought until or unless something is wrong with them. Here at Dental Arts of Wyandanch and Huntington Station, we believe that prevention is the very best cure of all. And that’s why we suggest a plan that will serve to put the odds in your favor for maximum gum wellness. If, however, the need arises, our dentist in 11746 has gum treatments available to halt and reverse the effects of periodontal disease.

The most important factor in keeping your gums healthy is addressing plaque, the filmy substance that forms on and between teeth Since it feeds off of sugars and starch, a nutritious diet is the first line of defense against it. Brushing after meals and flossing daily will remove most of the plaque in your mouth. But it can hide, such as in gum pockets, out of reach of your oral hygiene. That’s when it hardens into tartar. At that point, it cannot be eliminated with simple brushing and flossing. However, if you commit to coming in twice per year for a teeth cleaning, that will eradicate all of the plaque and tartar that remain. In fact, if you are showing indications of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, a teeth cleaning (or two) will stop the progress of gum disease and return your gums back to their normal pink color and their high level of well-being. If gum disease reaches the advanced stage of periodontitis, a more deep cleaning called scaling and root planing is called for, which can be performed by our dentist in 11746. And if your gum pockets are so deep that they are causing recurring gum disease, pocket reduction surgery will be needed.

Call us today and schedule a teeth cleaning along with your six month dental exam. And if you notice any signs of advanced gum disease, such as persistent bad breath, receding gums, bleeding gums when you brush, or loose teeth, you should come in to see our dentist in 11746 right away.

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Dentist in Huntington Station

Welcome to Dental Arts of
Wyandanch and Huntington Station

The health and appearance of your smile can impact both your overall well-being as well as your outlook. A smile that is beautiful to look at and in top condition enhances your quality of life and is a source of self-esteem. At Dental Arts, located in Wyandanch and Huntington Station, we take great pride in offering the latest technology and the most comfortable solutions for taking care of your smile.

Exemplary patient care, outstanding aesthetic results, compassion and integrity are the paramount values of our practice. We know that for many individuals a visit to the dentist can be stressful. That is why in addition to achieving dental excellence, we strive to create an environment that is both gentle and caring. At Dental Arts of Wyandanch and Huntington Station we take the time to listen to your dental goals and then customize a treatment plan based on what works best for you and your smile.

At our state-of-the-art facility, we provide the most comprehensive array of cosmetic, restorative, and preventive dental procedures available today. Our extensive selection of dental treatments is designed to meet all of your dental needs, as well as those of every member of your family.

Our Doctor

Dr. Preetika Gupta

Dr. Preetika Gupta completed her graduate studies and obtained her D.D.S. degree from New York University, School of Dentistry in 2008. During her residency at St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson, she focused on providing complete dental care to a wide range of patients. Subsequently, Dr. Gupta founded her own practice and serves the dental needs of many patients in the region. Dr. Gupta aims to make patients feel comfortable and make a visit to the dentist as painless as possible.

Dr. Preetika resides in Syosset with her husband and two kids. In her free time she likes to experiment with different recipes, travel, and spend time outdoors.

Some of the services that we provide include:

  • Preventive & Restorative Care
  • Cosmetic Smile Makeovers
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Implants
  • Dental Crowns & Bridges
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Dentures
  • Nightguards
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Invisalign
  • Emergency Treatment

If you are looking for a highly trained and experienced dentist in Huntington Station, you have come to the right place. At our practice, you will receive the highest quality dental care. Our dental office uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge technology and we uphold the strictest sterilization techniques. We know that many people may feel anxious about coming to the dentist, so it is our goal to make your visit with us as pain and anxiety free as possible. We view it as our mission to educate our patients about all of their oral health care options and to help guide them to choose a treatment plan that is most suitable and appropriate for their needs.

Dental Arts of
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